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It was evident from the beginning that there was something unique about this group of people that met to seek the Lord through prayer and to grow daily in Him by the corporate study of His word and mutual accountability. As this small gathering grew they sensed that they were being knit together for a purpose that was greater than they understood or could envision at the time. Led by their Pastor, Rev. Amos Jean, who has completed an Associate of Arts in Administrative Assistant and later completing a Bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Ministry. Since the formation of the church, the people bonded quickly and they were empowered by the belief that nothing would be impossible to them. God was with them! God established the principle upon which we as a church have been built; affirming inclusive love for all who are part of the body of Christ; aggressive soul winning, evangelism and community outreach, believing that the church has not been called to be a “holy huddle” but a growing advancing army, and lively corporate praise and worship that would inspire enthusiastic daily adoration of Him, our ultimate leader. Immediately afterward, the facility was filing there was a need for another. After praying and searching, the leadership was led to this location- 1000 NW 111 Street. A building program commenced with great faith for the future.

After the usual ups and downs, the Philadelphia was opened in September of 1994. Rapid growth characterized the initial stages of our time at this location. Ministry staff was raised up and added to the leadership team. The growth continued. The last six years have been a spiritual adventure. This is a day to shout and to declare that “through our God, we shall do valiantly, it is He who will tread our enemies.” We offer many opportunities for participation in our church family. Couples, men, women, children, youth, and seniors will find that there is a place for them to receive and offer Christian love. Discipleship is a method Jesus gave for church growth and for accountability. Our groups offer the ideal place for discipleship in our adult, children, youth, seniors and single’s ministry through community outreach efforts.


Our vision is the one vision, and that is to give those who sit in darkness the opportunity to see the light of the world through EVANGELIQUE BAPTISTE


We at Evangelique Baptiste Philadelphie, are set to serve God through serving others in and throughout our community. By this shall all men know that we're his disciples through loving one another.


Our community is the beloved community within the heart of the city called Miami. We work, we toil, and as a community, we rise together!


In his excellent book on Systematic Theology, Wayne Grudem defines the work of the Holy Spirit by saying, "The work of the Holy Spirit is to manifest the active presence of God in the world, and especially in the church." He is God present and active in the life of every believer."

While the work of the Holy Spirit in totality is far beyond our ability to address this morning, allow me to mention to you, ten things the Holy Spirit does.

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